Benefits of launching a FronTier on MyMiniFactory

FronTiers is designed for product launches driven by innovation, collaboration and participation. Incentivize your community to Pioneer your project by supporting Tiers and reaching Milestones.

To launch your FronTier or pre-marketing, you must first contact your Creator Relations Rep who will be able to set it live for you.

You decide when to distribute your files

There are no limits on when you want to share rewards with Pioneers. You can distribute files immediately once a Tier is supported, once the FronTier has closed or allow yourself more time to finalize your creations.

No project size restrictions

You are able to create a FronTier for product launches of all sizes. Release anything from just a handful of STL files to a sprawling selection of files!

Customers pay instantly (including VAT)

Pioneers are charged instantly, meaning that you don’t need to wait until the FronTier ends to know how much you’ve earned. MyMiniFactory handles all VAT on your behalf.

No additional fees with 3rd party services

Unlike other fulfillment services, MyMiniFactory uses our own features which include Late Pledges and integrated file distribution.

Direct communication with Pioneers

Share Updates to notify Pioneers of new releases or Milestones reached and engage with your community in the comments section.

Brand visibility

The FronTier Discovery Page allows your campaign and brand to be exposed to potential Pioneers during the pre-marketing period before launch, whilst the FronTier is live, and once it’s ended as a Pledge Manager.

Get traction for your product

Create pre-marketing pages to offer incentives for the community to sign-up for notifications and rewards such as discount codes and free files.

Benefits of launching a FronTier on MyMiniFactory