Benefits of launching a Tribe on MyMiniFactory

Built for Digital Creators to foster your own community of Tribers and distribute original content through an innovative subscription system.

Earn a stable revenue stream

Share new releases with your Tribers each month and offer unique incentives to grow your community.

Direct communication with your community

Engage with your community. Share posts, polls and pictures for your Tribers to collaborate on future releases and share their feedback on your creations.

Loyalty rewards

Reward your Tribers for showing their continued support. This feature will be fully automated soon.

Stretch Goals

Offer incentives to your Tribers. As your Tribe grows and word is spread, you are able to offer bonus rewards for your supporters.


You have complete freedom over the content that you’d like to offer within each Tier. Create urgency and reward your most loyal customers Earlybird Tiers or allow reselling of your creations through Merchant Tiers. You can even create a Tier for as little as $1 to encourage support.

Clearly showcase your offerings

Make the most of Info Blocks on your Tribes page to show potential Tribers everything that you have to offer – from Welcome Packs, your Monthly Releases and exciting updates. Share your latest launches with Info Blocks to link your projects together!

Gain momentum with Free Trials

Free One-Month Trials are a great way for you to offer Tribers the benefits of joining your Tribe without any commitment.

Brand visibility

The Tribes Discovery Page showcases your Tribe to the community with a clear search and sorting system for you to acquire Tribers.

Keep your community updated

The Tribes Feed shows the community all the latest posts from you and your fellow Tribes Creators, so you can keep them up to date.