Benefits of opening a Store on MyMiniFactory

Opening a store on MyMiniFactory allows you to sell your STLs and PDFs and is a great way to make money from your hobby.

Monetize your creations

Turn your passion into profit! If you love sculpting and creating digital assets then opening a Store on MyMiniFactory is the natural first step to thriving within the Ecosystem. We are inclusive of Creators, whether you are working solo or as part of a team, full-time or more casual.

Showcase all of your creations in a catalog-style layout

Your MyMiniFactory profile showcases all of your objects which can be sorted into Collections, grouped into bundles, or sold individually. Your potential customers are able to filter by your latest, most popular, and most liked objects.

Repurpose content previously released through other means

The Store is the perfect avenue for repurposing content that you have previously released via a monthly subscription service (Tribes) or a time-limited campaign (FronTiers / Pledge Manager).  You can continue to monetize your creations and expand your brand throughout the Ecosystem.

Share both your STL and PDF creations with the community

MyMiniFactory is an inclusive space and welcomes all Digital Creators. We facilitate a diverse range of digital content distribution.

Create discount codes to share with your community

Generate more revenue by running sales for your whole Store or specific Collections. This innovative tool is a great way to gain traction on previous releases and highlight your entire catalog (see Discount Code Guidelines for more information).

Create collections to organize and group your releases

Showcase your previous releases with ease and group them together in Collections (see Collection Guidelines for more information).

Benefits of selling your STLs and PDFs on MyMiniFactory

Innovative, easy-to-use system

Sharing your creations has never been easier. With MyMiniFactory’s leading file distribution system, you can significantly reduce admin tasks to allow you more time doing what you love!

No overhead or worry about physical distribution

Sharing digital files means that you do not have to worry about any external costs such as shipping or production.

No limits to the type of original content you share

We welcome all Digital Creators and encourage diversity, from STLs to PDFs, from miniatures and terrain to mechanical and articulated designs. We believe in the freedom for you to create what you’re passionate about, as long as it is original and your own creation.

Links all features of the Ecosystem

Every feature on MyMiniFactory supports digital distribution and can be used to fulfill different purposes and a wide range of strategies.


Benefits of selling your STLs and PDFs on MyMiniFactory