Benefits of selling your models on Only-Games

There are many benefits to selling your models on Only-Games, this article outlines how it can be great way to expand your business.

Earn and offer more to your community

We handle the manufacturing, shipping and admin, you spend your time doing what you love and take the profits.

Offer the community an alternative distribution

By distributing physical and digital 3D models, you are reaching a much broader audience, allowing you to expand your business and break more boundaries.

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Easy to set up

In just a few clicks, you can expand your business and earn a new stream of revenue from your creations, with no overhead or any more required from you.

Control over your brand

Having your physical distribution on Only Games gives you a higher level of control over your revenue stream. Know exactly where the revenue is coming from and get a higher cut, without having to worry about external bodies.

Set higher margins

Distributing your products physically grants you higher margins, on average around 50%!

Higher margins = higher revenue.