Benefits of taking part in MMF+

A premium subscription service for members to receive exclusive benefits and limited offers. MMF+ is home to thousands of highly-engaged customers.

Premium Creators may participate in MMF+ monthly releases by offering free files as a marketing tool to increase brand exposure and repurpose previous releases.

An extra avenue of brand exposure

By offering your files through MMF+ monthly releases, your brand is exposed to the community via the MyMiniFactory marketing channels including the homepage, MMF+ page and dedicated MMF+ newsletters to further increase awareness.

Repurpose your previous releases and gain brand exposure

Any creations that are no longer receiving traction from your customers are perfect to bring to the spotlight and generate engagement again. Adding your creations to MMF+ will get more people printing, painting, and sharing your work bringing it into the spotlight.

Support the 3D printing community

MMF+ helps MyMiniFactory build a sustainable community. By contributing your creations, you are increasing the value of MMF+, making the subscription service more appealing to your community. Increasing this value allows us to build new features for you to further expand your brand and the Ecosystem.