Benefits of writing a Story for Creators

Share your upcoming projects, WIPs, and connect and educate the community with tutorials.

Sharing a Story is a powerful way to connect with the community, share your creative journey and expand your reach within the Ecosystem. Allow the community to understand the talent behind the brand, and the Lore behind the creation.

Elevate your brand

Share details of your projects, how you started turning your passion into profit and upcoming releases. Sharing your 3D printing journey allows your community to establish a rapport with you, further incentivizing support.

Share upcoming releases

Let your people know what you are working on. Giving them sneak peeks behind the scenes of your latest project will only make them more  when it launches!

Educate the community

Education is a powerful element in building a brand, particularly in the fast-developing world of technology and 3D printing. By sharing tips & tricks, your community will show more loyalty to you, and newer Creators will look to you for guidance.