Benefits of Creator Gatherings

Real connections with real people

In line with the MetaReverse and MyMiniFactory’s core values, Creator Gatherings enable us to connect with one another, from all over the world, with a common goal and interest.

Grow the pie together

Taking part in the Creator Gatherings is your opportunity to share your ideas. You play an important role in the future of the Ecosystem and we want to make sure that your voice is heard.

Represent your community

You are an ambassador for your community and nobody knows their needs better than you. Use your pedestal and help create momentum for the features that you and your community desire.

Understanding of the roadmap

Hear from key members of the MyMiniFactory team including the CEO, CFO and CTO as we outline the roadmap and explain what you have to look forward to with MyMiniFactory as a Premium Creator.

Share feedback and interact with peers

Ask any questions you may have about the platform, upcoming or existing features, or the values of the company. A follow-up Q&A session allows you to communicate directly with the hosts for further understanding of the roadmap.

Get to know your peers

Following the presentations and Q&A, you are all invited into breakout rooms to chat with fellow Creators and the MyMiniFactory team in an informal and inclusive space.


We also host regular AMA sessions where the MyMiniFactory CEOs Nebo and Alex bring topics to the Premium Creator community to discuss and share ideas.

See recordings of previous AMA sessions here.