Discount Codes FAQ

Your most frequently asked questions about Discount Codes.

What discount is best when running a sale?

If you are running a sale on your whole store, we recommend no more than a 50% reduction in price to not devalue your hard work and the industry.

When it comes to discount codes on Pledge Manager and FronTiers, we suggest that discount codes range from 5% to 15% based on personas and customer loyalty.


How long should I run a sale?

This depends on the purpose of the marketing campaign you are running. To bring urgency to your sale, you can have a sale run for up to 72 hours. Discount codes can also be used as a permanent incentive for your Tribers.


How many objects can I have in a sale?

There is no limit to the number of objects you can include in a discount code.


Who should I create Discount Codes for?

Discount codes are to be shared with your most loyal customers such as your Tribers (through locked posts, learn more) and high-spending customers.


My customer is having issues with a Discount Code. Where shall I direct them?

We are always here to support you! If a Maker is experiencing any issues, please direct them to Contact Us, or they can write to, and we’ll help resolve the matter.

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