How to distribute PDFs

PDF is a category on MyMiniFactory that enables file distribution in a PDF format. You are able to distribute RPG Adventures, 5E supplements, stat blocks, character sheets and technical guides. PDFs uploaded will appear on the PDF Category page.

If you would like access to the PDF uploading feature, please speak to your Creator Relations Rep so that the role can be applied to your profile for you to expand your presence in the Ecosystem.

How to use the watermark and overlay icon

To access the watermarking feature and upload PDFs, you must first contact your Creator Relations Representative or reach out to

1 – Uploading objects with the watermark feature on your PDF

Create an object here, name your object then select ‘Submit’. Don’t upload any PDFs yet.

Select ‘Edit’ on the object page:

Scroll down until you reach the PDF upload section:

  • If the PDF can be watermarked, it will be uploaded. No notification will be sent, it will be uploaded once it’s watermarked.
  • If the PDF cannot be watermarked, you will see the notification as below. You can still upload the PDF, but it won’t be watermarked.

2 – Watermarking

You are able to upload a PDF with or without a watermark. If the PDF can be watermarked, it will be uploaded and watermarked. If the PDF cannot be watermarked, you will receive a notification. You can still upload the PDF, but it won’t be watermarked.

If a PDF can be watermarked, a notification email will appear when it’s downloaded to inform users that the PDF is ready to be downloaded.

If a PDF cannot be watermarked, users can download and open a PDF directly.

This is what the watermark looks like:

In this example:

PDF-Buyer’ is the Customer username

‘TEST-ACCOUNT’ is the Seller Store Profile name

3 – Overlay icon

Once you upload a PDF in the watermark section, an overlay icon will appear in the top right of your object card. This is how it appears:

And on the object page itself:

The overlay icon will be visible in the following locations:

  • Homepage
  • Your Profile (Store tab only)
  • Search & Categories
  • Object Page (example for demo purposes)
  • The Store Page
  • User’s Libraries wherever objects with PDFs have been purchased such as Purchases, Objects, Campaigns, My tribes, Objects shared with me, Likes, Downloads)

4 – Product launch limitations

  • Currently, the watermark feature is required if you upload any PDF in the watermark section. We are finalizing the mechanism to have the option to make PDF be watermarked or not then trigger the overlay icon either way.
  • PDFs that cannot be watermarked will still be uploaded and downloadable.
  • When you remove a PDF (single file), it will be removed from a user’s download list. Please be mindful before removal.
  • On an object page, an uploaded PDF file will not show in the “Object Parts” dropdown.
  • PDFs uploaded in the object edit section will lose folder structure.

5 – Miscellaneous information

You can upload 3D files with PDF and ZIPs. When the download pop-up opens it’s separated into two sections:

PDFs function the same as any other objects. Discount codes can be applied at checkout and they can be distributed via User Groups, Tribes and FronTiers.