How to get the "Buy Physical Prints" button on your MyMiniFactory profile

Joined Only-Games? Follow the steps in this guide if you want the option of linking your physical store from your MyMiniFactory profile.

Step 1: Make sure your Only-Games store is live

This means you have at least one item published from Shop3D and uploaded to Only-Games.

If you don't already have a Shop3D account, visit this guide on how to get started!


Step 2: Visit and find your profile.

Once you are on your profile, copy the URL.


Step 3: Email the following to your Creator Relations Representative:

  • URL for Only-Games store
  • MyMiniFactory Username

Step 4: We'll then connect the Only-Games store to your MyMiniFactory profile, and let you know once it's done! As you can see from the image below, Station Forge has the BUY PHYSICAL PRINTS button on their page which directly sends you to their physical store.

Screenshot 2023-02-20 at 17.04.36