How to join sitewide sales

Follow these simple steps to join the Winter Sale on MyMiniFactory

You can find your promotional assets here! Share with your community to boost your sales.

Download your Creator Info Pack here for all sale information.

The sitewide sale experience and interface have improved massively with a streamlined signup process, universal discount code, magic sorting on the sales page and much more. 

Step 1:

Navigate to the Discount Code tab of your settings on MyMiniFactory.

Step 2:

You'll see a banner at the top of the page. Click on the "Join Sale " button. A pop-up will appear.

Step 3:

Select your chosen discounted amount (30, 40 or 50% are the available options for Winter Sale 2023) that you want applied to all items in your Store. Click "Next Step".

The universal discount code WINTERSAVINGS will apply to all of your Objects, including any Objects uploaded after setting up your promotion.

After the sale launches, you will not be able to change the percentage discount for the duration of the sale (until January 8th).


Step 4:

Select up to two categories in which you would like your products to be cataloged into. These should be relevant to your products to help potential customers find your Store and Objects. Click "Next Step".



Step 5:

You can now select up to 8 of your public Objects from the drop-down list to be featured on the sales page. Click "Next Step" and you will see an example of how your store will be displayed on the sale page. 

The more objects you choose, the more options you're displaying to potential customers!

The first object is the cover image. You can easily change the order by clicking and dragging the image.


Step 6:

Once you've reviewed the summary and are happy with your choices, you can click the "Publish" button. Your promotion will be added to the sales page when it goes live.

You will now see "WINTERSAVINGS" in your list of discount codes, and are officially a part of the MyMiniFactory Winter Sale 2023!

This is an exciting event! Make sure to share this code and your Store with your community!

To edit your discounted amount (before launch), chosen categories or featured objects, navigate to the code "WINTERSAVINGS" in your discount code settings. You can use the search bar to find it easily.

You are able to delete the discount code in your settings and leave the sale at any time you wish.


December 18th to January 8th


The sooner you join, the more eyes you'll have on your Store. If you miss the launch of the Winter Sale, no problem! You can still join at any time during the live event. 

Please note that the code "WINTERSAVINGS" will not work prior to the launch and will expire after the sale ends on January 8th

Join the Winter Sale now!


What's new on the sales page?

We've introduced several new features to further enhance both yours and the community's experience for the duration of this sale and future sales. A few highlights are:

  • Universal code. One code, WINTERSAVINGS, will work on all participating Creators’ Store Objects. This massively streamlines the checkout process and saves your customers needing to remember multiple codes.
  • Magic sorting for a more diverse selection and give exposure to a wider range of Creator Stores
  • "Show me something new!" button to Complete refresh of the page to discover more Creators
  • Expandable cards and previews for each Creator's storefront to give more focus to your brand with a bio, adding Objects to collections and a link directly to your Store
  • Improved Creator card interface, polishing the page further and bringing identity to your brand
  • Enhanced categories filters, to increase the visibility of your products and help customers find what they need

All of this has been built thanks to your ongoing feedback and we will continue to improve this space for you. Thank you for the important role you play in building the Ecosystem to support digital creatives.

We've also made assets to assist you in promoting your brand, available here.



Here are some troubleshooting methods for some issues which you might come across with the new Sitewide Sale interface.


Empty images on your object card:

If any object card is not displaying the thumbnail image, please follow these steps:

  • Edit the object.
  • Go to the 'Upload Image' section.
  • Select an image to set as the primary image.

The fix should become visible within 30 minutes on the Sales page. 

Safari Optimization:

We are actively working on cross-browser optimization. Currently, the page might not function correctly on older versions of Safari (14 and older).

Join the Winter Sale now!