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How to post Updates on FronTiers

Posting an Update on your FronTier sends a notification to all of your Pioneers. This is your opportunity to share Milestones that have been reached, any new additions to the FronTier and updates regarding file releases.

It is important to maintain communication with your Pioneers throughout a FronTier to succeed. We recommend sharing regular Updates to reinforce the FronTier and remind Pioneers why they have supported it.

To do so, follow these simple steps:

1) Go to the Stories Editor (also in the ‘Upload’ dropdown (top right on MyMiniFactory)

2) Select the 3 lines at the top (next to ‘Publish’) then select the relevant campaign you would like to share an update on

3) Input your Title, cover image (optional) and body (text + images). For a more detailed overview of the Stories Editor, check out this Guide

4) Click SAVE IN MY LIBRARY, complete the captcha code and then select PUBLISH 

5) Your Update will be automatically shared and all Pioneers will be notified

You can allow comments or lock by switching the toggle above Campaign Selection.

If you wish to edit an Update after posting it, simple navigate to Library -> Stories and select the desired Story to edit with the pencil icon on the right.