How to set up a FronTier - About Campaign Section

To learn about setting up the About section for your FronTier, you can watch this short video or read the article below.

You can use the About Section Builder to create the main body of information for your FronTier. Each section is a heading that should contain different information about your project.

When using the Builder, it is important to check the FronTier in public view using the Eye symbol so you know that your changes look how you want them to. It is also important to save regularly to ensure that none of your work is lost.

The top bar of the builder allows you to select the colors for the navbar. This includes the selected section, when you hover over a section, and the default navbar colors:

You can select the colors using the colored box or, alternatively, input them using the HTML color code.

The section name and body are located just beneath the top bar. This is where you can add text, images, videos and even tag your Store Objects.

Here is an example of a section in the public view:

Remember to save regularly and to use the Eye Symbol to preview your FronTier.

IMPORTANT: Please note that long section headers or too many sections create a disruptive user experience. We recommend no more than 6 sections and 10-15 characters for each section header.