How to set up a Pledge Manager - Tiers and Add-Ons

To learn about setting up Rewards for your Pledge Manager, you can watch this short video or read the article below.

Use the “Create New” button to create your first Pledge Level:

Add a name, description and price to your Pledge. These can all be edited at a later stage. Unchecking “Is visible” will hide the Pledge from public view. Use this for Pledges that were exclusive to your Crowdfunding Campaign.

Once you click “Accept”, your Pledge will appear in the Pledge Levels Section:

Selecting the Pencil symbol will open the Pledge Level Editor. This is how it appears:

Here you can edit all the information in your Pledge. 

Next, we have “Advanced Settings”:

You can use Advanced Settings to set up Early Bird Pledges and other Types of Pledges. “Close On” will let you decide when your Early Bird Pledge ends and Max Backers will let you create a limited seat number to pledge. You can also select if your backers can upgrade their Pledge using Credits using “Is Upgradable”.

There are three Pledge Types; Pledge, Bundle and Option. Pledges are the default, and will be what you use most frequently. Bundles and Options work together to allow your Backers to choose one out of a number of options.

When you make a Bundle, you have to assign Options using “Select Pledges”. Assign a number of tokens equal to the number of Options your backers can choose and create the Option pledges.

After you have your Pledge levels set up, you should click  “Edit Objects/Users” to change the content of the Tier.

This will take you to the User Group (see User Group Guide here) for the Pledge, where you can add Sub-Groups, Objects, Products and Users.

At this stage, all you need to do is add the Objects included in that Pledge. Don’t forget to upload your Objects as Private so that they don’t appear on your Store.

Clicking Share Objects will bring up a checklist of everything you have uploaded:

Simply check each Object you want to be included in the Tier and press Accept to save. The objects will appear in the Pledge User Group like this:

Now you should have your Pledge Levels set up and all your objects added to them!

Add-Ons Section

Click “Add New” to create a new Add-On. You will then see the Add-On Selector:

Use the drop-down to select which Objects you want to make into Add-Ons then press Accept. Each Object you selected will be created as an Add-On:

The Add-On will have the name and price that you set for it when you uploaded the Object.

Clicking the ‘View’ & ‘Edit’ buttons for the addon will take you directly to that object.

Position (0 being first, then 1, then 2 and so on) will let you order the Add-ons in your Pledge Manager.

“Visible By” will let you display the Add-On to certain groups. “Everyone” is visible to everyone, “Backers” is visible to anyone that has backed your Crowdfunding Campaign or Pledge Manager. “Non-backers” is visible to people who have not backed your Crowdfunding Campaign or Pledge Manager.

Make sure to upload the objects exactly as how the Add-Ons are structured and appear in your Crowdfunding Campaign. This will be important for the next step, adding your Backers to your Pledge Manager.