How to upload a Check Sheet to Shop3D

What is a Check Sheet?

A check sheet is a new feature we're implementing to Shop3D where it allows you to upload a document or image that our manufacturing team can use to compare all the models you've uploaded to a product, in order to ensure that all pieces are printed to a high-quality standard and to make sure that all parts are included when shipped.

Why should I use a Check Sheet?

If you're a creator who has products that contain several separate pieces or parts, especially if they're small, then it can become difficult for manufacturing to know with certainty how all the pieces are supposed to look, or how many pieces should be in an order exactly.

A check sheet allows our manufacturing team to have a much better understanding of all the components of your product and helps us reduce the chances of errors being made, and shipping prints that would normally fail our quality assurance.

How to upload a Check Sheet

To start uploading a Check Sheet, you can make a copy of this template that we've prepared for you.
Here, you can fill the left column with the filename corresponding with an image of the printed file on the right column. 

Save the template as a PDF, then head to your product on Shop3D. Click on the paper clip icon when editing your product, and click on the Check Sheet tab, here you can upload the PDF document you saved earlier.

Once your upload is done, make sure to save your upload; and done!

If you have any questions, or if you're unsure of when you should be using a check sheet please reach out to your Creator Relations rep, or send us an email at

Upload your Check Sheet now!