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How we work Shopify Orders

Understand how Shopify orders are handled on Shop3D.

Once you publish the first Shop 3D product to Shopify, we will add the Shop3D Fulfillment service to your store. All Shop3D product variants will be automatically assigned to this fulfillment service.

This will allow Shopify to group all our products under our fulfillment service in the Shopify order and allow you to request/cancel fulfillment.

How we work Shopify orders:

In order to create Shop3D orders, you have to Request Fulfillment for all orders that contain Shop3D products. They are generally grouped by Shop3D Fulfilment location in the order.

You can request the fulfillment by:

Opening a new order, find items grouped by Shop3D Fulfillment location and click on Request Fulfillment. Then select if you would like to notify the customer about the shipment (by sending them the tracking number) or not. Then proceed to send the fulfillment request.

Alternatively, you can also do this from the Orders list page. In this case, you should filter orders by Shop3D Fulfillment location (you should not do this if you only sell Shop3D products), then select unfulfilled orders and request and request fulfillment for them.

Once you send the fulfillment request, we will process it within 30 minutes and create a new Shop3D order. If we accept your request, fulfillment order status will be changed to "Accepted" on the order page. Note that fulfillment status on the order list page will be "In Progress" after you send a request, and even after we accept it.

If we can’t accept a request due to an issue (e.g. we couldn’t charge you for the order), the status will be changed to "Request Declined" with the reason. In this case, you will be able to request fulfillment again once the issue is addressed.

Once your order is shipped, the fulfillment status will be changed to "Fulfilled" or "Partially Fulfilled" (if it contains other unfulfilled orders that are not related to Shop3D).

You can also request cancellation for an already accepted fulfillment order. In this case, we can accept it and refund the Shop3D order (you won’t be able to create a new fulfillment order after this for the same Shopify order) or reject and ship to the customer, if we have already accepted the order for work.

If any of this is unclear to you, please reach out to your Creator Relations rep or creator-relations@myminifactory.com.