Importing Your MyMiniFactory Objects into Shop3D

You can follow this step by step guide to import your Objects from MyMiniFactory into Shop3D.

Firstly, you must connect your Shop3D account to your MyMiniFactory account. If you have logged in using MyMiniFactory Login on Shop3D you have already done this. You can also visit the Products section of Shop3D and connect your accounts using the middle box.

Once you have connected your accounts, this box will appear in the middle of your Products section:

Pressing “Import Objects” will add all of your MyMiniFactory Objects to the “View Imported Objects” section. You must press “Import Objects” each time you want new Objects from MyMiniFactory to be loaded into your Shop3D, it does not update automatically.

Please keep in mind that the importer currently doesn't support:
  • Files with size > 200MB.
  • ZIPs with very large numbers of files (>100).
  • Recently uploaded objects (They need to be fully processed on MyMiniFactory's side first).
  • Objects with no STL/OBJ files and ZIPs with non-STL/OBJ files.


Pressing “View Imported Objects” will bring you to the Imports section. You will see each of your imported objects like this:

You won't be able to import any files that Shop3D manufacturing wouldn't normally accept, such as broken files, files with unconnected parts or non-3D files.

Any files originally contained within a zipped file will be extracted accordingly.

To finish importing your Object, check all of the boxes that include the unsupported files. Do not include supported files, as the Manufacturing Team will do their own supports to optimise for production and submitting supported files will drive up manufacturing costs.

Next, you can add Filters to the Product, these are important for your products discoverability:

Once the Filters are added, you can press “Import” to add the Product to your Shop3D or press “Import & Publish” to add the Product to Shop3D and publish the Product directly to your Only-Games store. There will be a short load time while it is imported:

Once imported, the product will appear in your Products section as a normal:

Repeat this process for each of the products you wish to import into Shop3D.

Don’t forget to reach out to your Creator Relations Rep or email us at if you have any questions.