IP Policy

Does MyMiniFactory or Only-Games Allow Intellectual, Copyrighted, or Trademarked Properties to be sold?

MyMiniFactory is the home of thousands of Indie Digital 3D Creators. Our purpose to help you become sustainable and grow your own brand, and protect yours and other's IPs. You may sell original content and intellectual, copyrighted or trademarked properties on MyMiniFactory or Only-Games if you own the rights to do so. 

If you upload an object or product that is an IP you do not own the right to sell, it will be held in approval to protect you from a potential DMCA or lawsuit from IP owners looking to protect their brand. You will be able to appeal this by contacting your Creator Relations Rep or contacting the team at creator-relations@myminifactory.com.

This policy applies to digital files you wish to sell on MyMiniFactory and products on Only-Games. Free Objects are considered fan art and are not subject to the policy.

Merchant Licenses

Merchant licenses may be acquired from Creators via Tribes subscriptions or FronTiers and through other means. This means that a customer may print and sell as long as their license is active, in accordance to the Creator's terms and conditions.

What happens if I get a DMCA?

MyMiniFactory receives regular DMCA notices for content uploaded to Creators’ Stores. We vet each DMCA we receive to make sure it is in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). DMCAs that are not in accordance will be responded to by MyMiniFactory, informing the sender that we cannot action their notice if it is not provided correctly. DMCAs that are in accordance will be passed onto the Creator and the objects in question will be set to a private status until there is a resolution.

Your Creator Relations Rep  will be at hand to help with this process. While we aren’t able to provide legal advice, we can help you to take the appropriate steps and respond to a DMCA.

If you receive a DMCA that was sent directly to you and you aren’t sure how to respond, get in touch with your Creator Relations Rep or contact creator-relations@myminifactory.com.