Only-Games Library

Customers who purchase products that include digital downloads will be able to access their files from Only-Games' Digital Library.

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What is the charge for digital downloads?

There is no additional charge per sale for including digital downloads sold with a physical product.
However, in order to access digital download functionality, creators must be subscribed to Shop3D+

Can I sell a digital download on its own, with no physical parts (i.e. a PDF of an RPG Adventure)?

Yes! On the upload form, before selecting "3D product", you can instead select the "Digital product" option to upload a Digital-only product.

What kind of files can I share?

All file formats are currently allowed, except .EXE files. 
ZIP files are allowed, but we only recommend sharing ZIP files if it's absolutely necessary, as they reduce the customer's ability to download specific files as they need them. 

Where can my customers find my digital files?

You can access the Digital Library by going to My Account > My Downloads on your Only-Games account. 

How can I add a digital file to my physical product?

When editing your product, click "Add Files" under the "Digital Files" column.

You will then be prompted to upload a file of up to 200 MB.

This is a great way to share additional resources with your customers that enhance your products; such as character sheets and stat blocks for your models, or digital versions of your maps and posters.

If I add a digital download to a product someone already purchased, will they get the file?

No. The digital file will only be distributed to customers who purchase the product after the digital file is added.

How can I identify a digital product on Only-Games?

Currently, there is no automatic indicator for digital products. It's recommended to be very clear in both the product description and title that the product contains or is a digital purchase. 

Can I distribute digital downloads on my own website?

Yes! Using Shop3D's external store integration, you can distribute your digital downloads in all the compatible storefronts (Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, Wix, Prestashop).

However, digital downloads sold through other platforms won't have the benefit of a digital file library and will be distributed via email instead.

How are my files protected against link sharing and piracy?

We use secure access tokens to verify the customer's identity every time they attempt to download one of your files.

Distribute your Digital Files now!