Pledge Manager - How to manage Backers and Distribution

To learn about managing Backers and distributing Rewards for your Pledge Manager, you can watch this short video or read the article below.

Manage Backers

Clicking ‘View Backers’ will take you to the ‘Backer Overview’ page:

On the Backer Overview page, you can see each Backer’s name, username and email address. It also shows you which Tiers they supported and if they have been emailed to redeem.

You can use “Send Notification to Checked” to send either a redeem notification or an update notification to inform your backers of new files, for example, stretch goals.

Backer Report

Your backer report is a document containing all the information on your backers and their pledges through your Crowdfunding Campaign. It is necessary to finish creating a Pledge Manager as it is what will add your backers to the correct Pledge Levels and Add-Ons as well as ensuring they get the correct amount of Credits.

We do this by importing your Full Backer Report as a .CSV file into the Pledge Manager. 

This is to be completed by your Creator Relations Representative as they have the knowledge required to complete the Import and are here to support you. For them to access the Backer Report, you must make them a Collaborator on your Crowdfunding Campaign.

Alternatively, you can export the Backer Report yourself but you must not edit it in any way as it will become corrupted and unable to be Imported. If you choose this method, you must email the Backer Report to your Creator Relations Contact to Import.

Once your Backer Report has been imported, your Creator Relations Representative will inform you of any changes for you to make your Pledge Manager prior to launch.

Once those changes have been made, Click the Pencil button, then “Request Publish” button and your Creator Relations Contact will launch your Pledge Manager.

File Distribution

Congratulations on going Live! But there is one more step; file distribution!

Navigate to the Backer Overview page using the “View Backers” button in the Main Section. Click Select All and then “Send Notification to Checked” and then “Invite to Redeem”. You have just sent redemption emails to your Crowdfunding backers so they can receive their rewards.

When you are ready to go live, you must first contact your Rep who will be able to set it live for you.

Once this is done, you now have a Live Late Pledge on MyMiniFactory and have Fulfilled your Crowdfunding campaign! Congratulations!

If you have an upcoming project to launch, talk to your Creator Relations Contact about FronTiers!