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Setting up your Tribe - Infoblocks

Infoblocks allow you to highlight key information about your Tribe, in an easy to digest format.

Your Tribe can consist of up to 3 Infoblocks. These are information segments that you can use to break down information about your Tribe into an easy-to-read format. Common things to include in Infoblocks include; current and upcoming releases, welcome packs, and store discounts. 

The main objective of Infoblocks is to showcase the benefits of joining your Tribe, so it is the ideal place to display any unique selling points or exclusive content that makes your Tribe stand out.

At the bottom of your Tribes Basics page simply press the plus to make your First Infoblock.

Fill in the respective section to add your Infoblock’s name, image/video, and description. Don’t forget to save the changes!

Here is an example of what the Infoblocks look like in Public view: