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Setting up your Tribe - Stretch Goals

Stretch Goals are milestones that you can create to incentivize more Tribers to join your Tribe so they can receive additional benefits.

To learn about setting up Stretch Goals for your Tribe, you can watch this short video or read the article below.

To create a Stretch Goal, click on “Add Your First Stretch Goal”:

This will open the Stretch Goal Editor:

You can add the Goal Name, Tribers Goal, description and an image/video.

Tribers Goal is how many Tribers need to be subscribed to unlock the Stretch Goal. This number cannot be changed once the goal is created.

Once you have created the Stretch Goal, it will look like this:

Use the Pencil symbol to open the Stretch Goal Editor.

Use the red Bin symbol to delete the Stretch Goal.

Use Manage Rewards to add uploaded objects to the Stretch Goal, just like Tiers:

Don’t forget to select “Valid” to save the rewards!

Create a Stretch Goal >