Shop3D Materials

Learn more about materials available for on-demand manufacturing and how you could make the most of it.

3D Printing Materials


Grey Resin is an ideal material for 3D printing figurines and miniatures. A high level of detail allows you to bring life to any of your characters. Grey Resin is also perfect for painting and can print even small figurines maintaining incredible quality. File format required: .stl or .obj.


Bring 10 million colours including translucent tones into your figurine with our Multicoloured Resin On-Demand 3D Printing! It’s complex to 3D print in full, photorealistic colour, there are just a few providers including Shop3D that achieve this. File format required: .obj + .mtl + .png.

PLA Filament

PLA is the primary filament material for FDM prints now available to you. FDM is the perfect material for your terrains, props, and technical parts. File format required: .obj + .mtl + .png.


Available in Black and White colours, SLS Nylon provides access to almost unlimited geometries and amazing details. Nylon’s flexibility and durability help in 3D printing long-lasting and stable parts even with thin walls. File format required: .stl or .obj.


Just like Grey Resin, it is a perfect material for 3D printing highly detailed objects of even very small sizes. Clear Resin is also great for creating unusual see-through products and models. File format required: .stl or .obj.

Casting Materials

Shop3D provides on-demand casting manufacturing for precious metals.

Yellow, Rose and White Gold

9k / 14k / 18k Gold

Available in Polished, Satin and Matte Finish.

Silver 925

Available in Raw, Polished and Vermeil Finish.

Brass and Bronze

Available in Raw, Polished, Rhodium Plated or Gold Plated Finish.