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Statistics Page

As a Premium Creator, it is important to understand your metrics to help shape your brand. You can use the Statistics Page to view your sales by feature, community engagement and receive payouts.

How to Use Statistics

Finding the Statistics

To view your statistics, hover over your avatar (top right on MyMiniFactory) and click on ‘Statistics’ in the drop-down menu:

Statistics Graph

This is a graph for you to understand metrics generated from your sales, the layout remains the same for each category you view. It is displayed as either a bar chart or a line graph and can be filtered and grouped by various timescales.

Just beneath the graph you can see the totals in list format.

You can also filter by individual objects by selecting the ‘Filter by object’ button.

Statistics Sections

There are 10 different types of statistics you can view:

  • Views – The total number of views your objects have. This is how many people have visited your objects page.
  • Likes – The total number of likes your Objects have.
  • Comments – The total number of comments on your Objects.
  • Downloads – The total number of times your customers have clicked and downloaded your Objects, it is important to remember that people will often download an object multiple times as they will want to save on storage space. 
  • Prints – The total number of prints that have been uploaded of your Objects.
  • Followers – The total number of followers your Profile has.
  • Earnings – Split by StoreCampaigns and Tribes. This is where you can view your sales, download earnings reports and request a payout.
  • Google Analytics – This is where you can connect your Google Analytics to your Store.


Your earnings are an important element of your Statistics page. 

They are broken down into Store, Campaigns and Tribes:

If these are not all visible for you, it is because you do not have access to the feature (Tribes/Campaigns). Inquire with your Creator Relations Representative or contact the team at creator-relations@myminifactory.com to gain access and expand your reach across the Ecosystem.

Each earnings page is formatted identically, with the Graph and All Earnings list as standard.

Beneath the All Earnings list is the “Download Earnings” section. Use this tool to download your monthly earnings reports:

Simply select the month you wish to download and click “Download Earnings”.

Next is the Payout Request section. This is where you will submit requests to be paid your earnings.

MyMiniFactory processes Creator earnings payouts two times per month, with the payout cycle starting on the 14th and 28th of each month. Please note the payout cycle will start on the following workday if these dates fall on a weekend or holiday.

To ensure that you receive your payment on time, please submit a payout request via the “Earnings Payout Request” button by the 12th and 26th of each month, midnight Pacific Standard Time (PST) time, to receive your payout in that cycle. Use the “Earnings Payout Request” button only once per cycle to help ensure a smooth process.

If your earnings payout request amount is below $100 you will be charged a $2 payment processing fee. Please note you have the option to cancel a pending earnings payout request at any time.

Payout requests for Store, Campaigns and Tribes must be requested separately on their respective earnings sections.