Stories examples

Not sure where to start? Here are just a handful of great Stories written by the 3D Creator Community.

By Genre

  1. TutorialHow to Paint Miniatures (series) by PrintMinis
  2. Behind the Scenes: The Valiant and the Vile by Adamant Arsenal
  3. Meet the CreatorMeet Great Grimoire by Great Grimoire
  4. LoreMechanical Hive Third Wave by bLUARt

By Tool

  1. StoreMaking of the Moulderbloom Fungaren by BattleYak Miniatures
  2. TribesGuide: Writing a Horror Adventure by Mammoth Factory
  3. External CampaignA cautionary tale – Nejavina 5e Setting flavor by The Printing Goes Ever On
  4. Pledge ManagerA tale of Mimics and Madness? by Modular Worlds

These Stories highlight how you can get the balance right between selling your latest Creations and writing a Story that is genuinely engaging to read.