Your feedback means a lot to us. We aim for all Creators to be happy with the products and services provided to grow their brand.



“Tribes is the perfect platform for everything we need. All the tools in a single ecosystem! There was never a better place for us content creators!”

Cripta Studios, Premium Creator since December 2021




"Tribes has helped me move towards my dream of making miniatures for everyone! I cannot be more thankful for you, and the MyMiniFactory team, for being so attentive and helping me grow!"

Imp3dsion, Premium Creator since November 2021



"I'm finally making a living as an artist, and that is thanks to MyMiniFactory."

Red Clay Collectibles, Premium Creator since September 2021



"I really love MyMiniFactory and the way it is going, can't compare it to other platforms. You can literally feel how you take in the feedback and making the page every day a little bit better. I really feel comfortable here, just wanted to say thank you for your and the teams' great work!❤️‍🔥"

Dungeon Dog, Premium Creator since June 2021



“We appreciate all the attention and compromise to solve our problems. Thanks!”

Primal Collectibles, Premium Creator since June 2021



“Being able to offer our terrain as a subscription service to the 3D printing community through MyMiniFactory is a perfect matchup. Very excited about what’s about to happen”

Infinite Dimensions Games, Premium Creator since May 2021



"The team at MyMiniFactory have always treated me as if I am one of their top creators, even though I have a very small collection of files for sale. Awesome friendly team!!!"

HarsBeeldt, Premium Creator since February 2021



"Our partnership with MyMiniFactory comes from a long way now. We have been using the platform not only as a way to deliver files, but also as our main front door to the world through the online store. We are excited with the current and new tools being developed by the team, like Frontiers or Tribes."

Highlands Miniatures, Premium Creator since November 2020


“The team who built MyMiniFactory is highly professional; they are also great people with a big heart and gratitude towards the whole community (makers and designers). We are very thankful to be able to partner with them and sum ourselves in the launch of Tribes.”

DRACO Studios, Premium Creator since November 2020



"Really happy to be part of the MyMiniFactory family.
What begun being the main STL store for creators and 3D printing hobbyist has become that, and much more.
We have been seeing their progress during these last 2 years and they have done nothing but grow."

BiteTheBullet, Premium Creator since September 2020



“I am sure this acquisition [3DC/Only-Games] will benefit all of you!”

Bestiarum Miniatures, Premium Creator since April 2020



"I love my relationship with MyMiniFactory, I really feel like this is the right time, right place! Let's do it!"

Dice Heads, Premium Creator since April 2020



“I was interested because you guys made it very easy to sell the part file, and I liked that you were looking to protect the people that sell the files. For the larger parts, I’ve definitely sold more and probably made more money on that type of file. If it’s a large file that would be expensive to print [elsewhere] but it’s just as good to print on an FDM, it’s better for me to sell the file than the printed part!”

Knight Customs, Premium Creator since January 2019



Watching great members of our design community creating wonderful art pieces with 3D sculpting made me want to learn as well. MyMiniFactory Studios gave me the motivation I needed and the belief that this could be something more, it's what ultimately led me to sculpt and paved the way for me to go from hobbyist to a full-time designer. I’m thankful for the people at MyMiniFactory who’ve been there since day one.”

Fotis Mint, Premium Creator since June 2018


I recently received a print of one of my models from OnlyGames, and I have to say the quality of the print was amazing! Whoever is doing the printing and cleaning for these did a really good job. 
Nekrotica Miniatures, Premium Creator since March 2022


And many more…

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