The Store FAQ

Your most asked questions about the store.

What file format and size can I upload?

You can upload STL, PDF and OBJ 3D files. We also support: zip, rar, x3g, gcode, scad, fbx, 3dc, 3ds, ac, asc, bvh, blend, geo, dae, dwf, dw, x, fbx, gra, mu, kmz, lwo, lwz, flt, iv, osg, osgt, osgb, ive, ply, shp, vpk, wrl, wrz, dxf, sdf, mtl, 3mf, jpeg, step, skp, zip, thing, zup, amf, fcstd, f3d, bmp, glb, gltf, jpg, png, chitubox, lyt, lys.


What is the max file size?

If you are a Premium Creator, you can upload 500MB for each file. If you require more, please reach out to your Creator Relations Representative.


How do I get my object approved?

Before approving any objects, it is essential that we first ensure that the object is printable. The best way to prove this and speed up the approval process is by submitting a picture of your object 3D printed.

Once your object passes the software check, it is then subject to manual approval before finally being published. This is a quick check to make sure everything is in order before the object is pushed live onto MyMiniFactory. On the off-chance that there is a problem with your object, a member of the Object Approval team will get in touch to resolve the issue.


What is the software check?
We check all uploaded files for printability. Our software checks a few criteria and it might fail for any of the following reasons:

  1. Presence of degenerated faces
  2. Presence of duplicated faces
  3. Mesh is not manifold
  4. The normals are not consistent
  5. The volume is less than 0
  6. Some faces are intersecting each other

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