Tribes FAQs

The most frequently asked questions regarding Tribes.

What is Tribes?

Tribes is an all-in-one subscription service for you to support your favourite Creators and the community. By subscribing to Creator’s Tribes, you will support Creators to build a sustainable recurring revenue stream and Creators will have more resources to create designs/projects for you! Discover Tribes

What should I expect in the Beta version as a customer?

In the Beta version, there might be some bug fixes or some functionalities that have not yet been delivered. If you find any bugs or you have any feedback regarding the Beta version, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

I have subscribed to a tier, where can I find the files?

You can check in your Library > My Tribes to see the distributed files.

I didn’t receive the new release of files on the 1st of the month, what happened?

In this case, please check if your subscription is still active. If it is, please check the Creator's Tribes page (Infoblock or Post) to see if the files are released.

Please note, MyMiniFactory is only responsible for hosting a Creator’s Tribe. Please reach out to Creators directly if you have any questions or feedback regarding their file releases.

Where can I find a Discount Code?

For individual discount codes that are provided by Creator privately. You might find it in a

  • Tribes Post (Sometimes it’s in a locked post)
  • MyMiniFactory Campaign page/Updates

If you can’t find the code, here's a simple guidance document about how to reach out to the Creator.

Where can I manage my subscriptions?

You can manage your subscriptions at Settings > Subscriptions.

How can I upgrade/downgrade my tier?

To upgrade your Tribe subscription.

Please cancel your current subscription at Settings > Subscriptions. Then subscribe to the new higher Tier. After you've done the upgrade, please fill out this Form to request a refund, we will refund you the cancelled tier in 3-5 business days.

To downgrade your Tribe subscription.

Please reach out to the Creator for confirmation first. Then once it's confirmed, please cancel your current subscription at Settings > Subscriptions. please fill out this Form to request a refund, we will refund you the cancelled tier in 3-5 business days.

*Please note, this is a temporary workflow in the Tribes beta version. MyMiniFactory is working on developing the full feature of Tier upgrade.

Where can I change my sale tax country?

You can change your sale tax country in Settings > Profile

Where can I manage my payment details for my subscriptions?

Upon subscribing your payment details will be saved for ongoing subscription payments, however, occasionally the next subscription payment may not be processed on time, due to several reasons including your usual payment method needing updating.

PayPal: if you are unsure how to check the payment status on PayPal, you can do it as follows:

1) Log in to your PayPal account

2) Click Settings near the top of the page

3) Click Payments

4) Click Manage pre-approved payments

5) Click the name of the merchant for the agreement you want to review

Credit and debit cards (Stripe): if your subscription payment is not processed on time and/or cancelled, then please ensure your subscription is cancelled in Settings > Subscriptions. and purchase the subscription product again to restart that particular subscription.

How does VAT/Sales Tax work on MyMiniFactory Tribes?

VAT/Sales Tax will be applied as an additional charge on subscription payments placed in certain countries and regions, depending on your location. It will be displayed in your transaction confirmation breakdown at the checkout stage.

How do refunds work on MyMiniFactory Tribes?

Refunds on Tribes will only be provided in exceptional circumstances. Please refer to our Refund Policy on the Terms & Conditions page. Tribes aim to support creators and if you are unhappy about the service provided please contact the creator as the first port of call.

Please note most subscriptions are monthly and therefore subscribers are freely able to cancel their subscription renewal before the next monthly payment date.