How to Upload Booklets to Shop3D for 2D Manufacturing

Add booklets on Only-Games or Trajann to begin selling your PDFs, Adventure Modules, Rule Sets and more!

Selling Booklets via Shop3D is a feature exclusive to the Shop3D+ Subscription. You can unlock this subscription here:

Uploading print-on-demand booklets is an incredible way to get your booklets such as TTRPG modules and rulebooks manufactured and shipped straight to your audience in a high-quality medium.

You will also be featured alongside other pioneering creators on an Exclusive Only-Games Page or Trajann Page!

The process to upload your booklets on Shop3D is similar to setting up a 3D product with a few additional steps.

Important Note:  Your booklets will be printed on folded US A3 sheets, with a gloss finish for covers, and matt pages within.

Therefore, the PDF you provide should have a number of pages that is a multiple of 4 to prevent blank pages within the booklet and to keep quality at a high-standard.

The minimum number of pages is 4, and the maximum is 60.

We print with a standard bleed size of 3mm, and using US standard page sizes, so please keep this in mind when formatting your PDFs for printing.

Create Products
Create a separate product for each of the Booklets you wish to add to Shop3D. You can do this via “Create Your Products” by clicking Start:

Add your product name and any relevant images as you would a 3D file. Currently, the system only accepts 3D files so you will need to download this Object for free (Booklet.stl) on MyMiniFactory and upload it on all of your booklets.

It is important that you use this file as it helps us identify booklets in the system:


Fill in any information specific to your Booklet.


Add "Booklet Paper" as one of the Materials from the dropdown menu and remove the "Grey Resin" option.

Press View Product. The other fields will be filled at a later stage.

Shop3D cost

You may notice that the Booklet uploaded will display a large price tag.

This is due to the fact that the pricing software handles 3D objects rather than 2D so we will need to price your booklets separately.

Once you have uploaded all of your Booklets, contact your Creator Relations Rep and inform them that you are ready for the next steps.

Send them a list of each of your Booklets and how many Pages each one includes, they will then update your Shop3D cost to reflect the actual cost. You can add a Platform price once this is done.

As a general basis, you can use this table to estimate the production cost of your booklets:

Total Page Number Estimated Production Cost (USD)
4 pages $4.10
8 pages $4.50
16 pages $5.00
32 pages $6.00
60 pages $8.00


Step 3 - Samples

Before publishing your Booklets to Only-Games or Trajann, you must order a sample (only Shop3D Cost) of each of the Booklets you wish to sell. This is to test the product layout and to make sure that you are happy with the final product that your customers will receive.

We will not allow Booklets on Only-Games or Trajann that have not had samples produced beforehand.

Once the samples have been checked for quality and approved, you can publish them to your Store and begin selling your Booklets!

If you have any questions about the process, please do not hesitate to contact your Creator Relations Rep or email

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