Using Archive Mode to upload files

Archive Mode is a method of file sharing that enables you to upload larger amounts of files. To learn more about uploading Objects, you can follow the designated guide.

Please note: The permissions for using the Archive/ZIP mode have to be manually granted to your account by our staff. If you do not have access, please contact your Creator Relations Rep to request it.


Create an empty object and select publish. There’s no need to attach any files at this stage.

Click “Edit” on the object page.

Scroll down on the Object Edit Page. You should see that ZIP mode is now available for you.

Archive Mode is still in Beta. Currently, we allow 5GB per archive (25 archives in total). Larger archives may cause inconvenience for your customer to download the files. Archive files don’t enable 3D viewers generated at this point.

Please note that this feature is available in a limited capacity. If you require access, please contact your Creator Relations Representative.