Welcome Pack FAQs

Your questions on Welcome Packs answered.


What can I do with the Welcome Pack feature?

Welcome packs are a powerful incentive to potential Tribers and a great way to grow your customer base. You can use Welcome Packs to attract new Tribers, create exclusive Welcome Packs for specific Tiers you can rotate or offer several Welcome Packs & more!

Who is eligible to receive the Welcome Pack?

Any Tribers in the chosen Tier will be eligible to receive the Welcome Pack you've created.

Tribers who join before your Welcome Pack has been created in the same month will receive their Rewards the following month if they remain subscribed to your Tribe. This will only affect the month in which the Welcome Pack was created.

If you would like their rewards to be distributed immediately, you can add them to your chosen Tier.

Will changing Tiers effect a Tribers eligibility to redeem a Welcome Pack?

When changing Tiers, Tribers will keep any Welcome Packs they have already redeemed. They will gain access to any Welcome Packs that are available for the new Tier they are subscribing to.

What will happen if I delete a Condition with an object already distributed?

Once a valid condition is deleted, all the Tribers who redeemed the Welcome Pack will not lose the reward from their library.

New Tribers who become eligible after the condition is deleted, will not be able to receive the reward.

What will happen if I add/delete objects to existing conditions?

If an object is added to an existing condition, all the Tribers who received the reward will receive the new object in their library if they remain active. Cancelled Tribers will not receive the new added object.

If an object is deleted from an existing condition, all the Tribers who have already redeemed the reward will NOT lose the reward from their library.

New Tribers who become eligible will NOT be able to receive those deleted objects.

What will happen if I delete a condition that has reward distributed already?

If you delete a condition with reward distributed. The condition will be suspended and Tribers who become eligible after the deletion won't receive the reward.

However, if you add the same condition again the Tribers who were eligible to redeem the reward previously will still keep the eligibility.

I want to distribute Welcome Pack to Tribers in specific Tiers. How can I make an exclusive condition in this case?

If you would like to distribute your Welcome Pack to specific Tiers you can do this with the For Tiers setting, when setting up your Welcome Pack. To learn more about this, click here.

I am not sure how to use Welcome Pack, who should I talk to?

Please reach out to your Creator Relations Representative, or send an email to creator-relations@myminifactory.com.