What is FronTiers?

The first step to setting up a FronTier is by getting in touch.

Contact your Creator Relations Representative or email the team at creator-relations@myminifactory.com and we will give you access to the Campaign feature.

FronTiers is a tool to expand the market for the community and add value to the MyMiniFactory Ecosystem. A tool that is dedicated to Digital Creators and their communities. FronTiers is not a crowdfunding service. It is a product that allows Digital Creators to release their latest projects and original content to the community as a pre-release.

The FronTier tool is used specifically for brand-new product releases, if you have previously launched this before on Kickstarter, you will not be able to use FronTiers. You are also unable to run both a Kickstarter campaign alongside a FrontTier simultaneously. You may however use our Pledge Manager services to distribute your rewards.

Please give your Creator Relations Representative at least 1 month's notice to launch your FronTier. If you do not give enough notice it may cause delays for your project, as we have to review and schedule each FronTier.


What is FronTiers_