What is Multi Block Colour

A new Shop3D material variant. Suitable for FDM products with different parts and colours.

You now have the option to create a single product using various parts, each of which can be customized with a different color.

Side View

Fire Hydrant Book End & Self-Watering Planter

These Trajann's creators used Multi Block Colour to create a colourful Book End and a very functional self-watering Planter.Untitled (6)-2

REMEMBER! This new feature is only available for PLA materials. 

How does Multi Block Colour work

Once you logged in your Shop3D account, and you're ready to upload your 3D file, proceed with creating a new product.

On the first step of the process, you will have to upload the files. Because you are going to use Multi Block Colour, please upload only one file hereit doesn't matter which part of the product. 

It will be clearer further in the process, but for this stage we only need one file!

Follow the process until you land on the last "Publish" part.

Minding that the pre-selected material is Gray Resin (which you can easily delete), scroll the Material Menu until you find Multi Block Colour PLA. 

You will then get an automatic quote for the production cost, and you can proceed with "View Product".

Now that you uploaded the first file, we have to build up the instruction for the Multi Block Colour.

First of all, you will want to add all the files that compose the product. To do that, simply add them on "Bundled Parts", by clicking "Edit Files". 


At this point, you will have all your files listed in the Bundled Parts, and you will want to specify each colour.

To do that, you can use this template

Once you filled the document and you want to attach it to the product, just click on the little clip icon underneath the product name and select the file to upload!

That's it. Easy, right?


If you would like more information, please contact your Creator Relations Representative or email the team at: creator-relations@myminifactory.com.