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Annual Payments for Tribes FAQs

Your questions on Annual Payments for Tribes answered.

To learn more about Annual Payments for Tribes, read the article linked here.

What can I do with the Tribes Annual Payments feature?

Annual Payments on Tribes, allow you to offer a yearly rate to your Tribers, alongside monthly payments.

Receiving upfront yearly payments gives you more time to invest in your Tribes' future strategy and create long-term Triber benefits such as Loyalty Rewards. You’ll also increase and diversify your Tribes offerings, which, in turn, will increase your retention rate and gain interest from more potential Tribers.


Will Tribers paying annually gain access to Loyalty Rewards early?

Annual Payments will not impact your rewards cycle; Tribers will receive Loyalty Rewards only after subscribing for the required duration, irrespective of their monthly or annual subscription. This applies similarly to any other rewards operating on a monthly cycle.


How will this effect Tribes Trials?

Tribes Trials provide Makers with a free one-month access to your Tribe. With the introduction of Annual Payments, you can choose whether Trials sign-ups are billed monthly or annually following the trial period.

Sign-ups for Tribes Trials are billed automatically after the Trial period expires. If you opt for annual billing, it's crucial to communicate this clearly to prevent any unexpected large payments or negative community sentiment.


What should my Tribers do if they want to upgrade from a monthly, to a yearly subscription?

If a Maker would like to upgrade from a monthly to a yearly subscription, they must first cancel their monthly subscription for the Tier they are upgrading. In the following month, they must re-subscribe to this Tier with “Pay Yearly” selected on the Tribes payment page.

Their rewards & loyalty status will not be affected.

Even if a Triber cancels a subscription, they will still retain eligibility for all releases for the month in which they unsubscribed, and that month will continue to count towards their Loyalty Rewards.

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