Benefits of Shop3D+

Shop3D+ is a Premium Subscription Service that allows you to enhance your Physical Distribution with additional features, and exclusive benefits.

Shop3D+ enables the following features for £25/month:

Custom Packaging For Your Miniatures

With Shop3D+ Your products will be distributed in clamshell packaging with a customized back card (design provided by you). This will increase your brand recognition and provide an extra promotional space.

Feature Products For Your Store Page

This feature enables an additional space for your popular products and best-selling items.

Bundle Digital Add-ons

The digital add-on feature allows you to include attached files and other digital media, alongside an product.

This can include PDF guides, stat blocks, rule or adventure books and more.

Sales Tiers

Shop3D+ enables exclusive benefits based on your Sales Tier.

Based on the sales you have made on in the past 30 days, your brand may qualify to be Bronze Tier or better.

Each Tier you attain grants you exclusive discounts to your manufacturing costs when selling products on

All values are calculated in GBP to avoid inconsistencies while calculating your discount due to changing exchange rates.

Team Members

Your team is a set of users who can access and modify your products and brand in a limited way. With Shop3D+ you can add up to 2 additional team members.

Access To New Features

Finally, you will be automatically enrolled in any new features that we add to the Shop3D+ subscription service. No need to pay any extra fees.

Get Started!

To get started with Shop3D+ or to learn more, please contact your Creator Relations Representative or email the team at: