What are the Shop3D+ Add-ons?

Shop3D+ add-ons are additional benefits offered to you to further enhance your Only-Games or Trajann business growth.

Store Boost Discounts - additional £25/mo:

To help you increase your monthly revenue and customer acquisition, you will be provided with an exclusive 20% discount code that you can share with your community.

This discount code lasts as long as you remain subscribed and does not reduce any of the revenue that you earn from your sales, as it is all discounted from our margin.

Please note that this upgrade currently needs to be manually activated by your Creator Relations Rep.

Physical Storage - additional £150/mo:

Simplify your operations by entrusting us with the storage and management of your non-printed items like hardcover books, and other non-printable parts. We'll even take care of shipping them when needed!

Additionally, we offer the convenience of storing custom packaging for both your printed and non-printed products.

We provide a storage space of 1 meter squared in size for you to store your items.

These Add-Ons are available exclusively to Shop3D+ subscribers. Learn more here.

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