How to create a Prefilled Collection

You are now able to create Prefilled Collections based on the tags used on your Objects.

This update aims to enhance your Store organization, boost the discoverability of your Objects, and streamline Collection management for a more efficient and faster experience.

Follow the steps below to get started.

Learn how to set up standard Collections here >


Step 1

Navigate to the “Uploads” tab of the New Library and select “New Pre-Filled Collection”.


Step 2

Choose the tag you'd like to use to fill the Collection.

All Objects with this tag that you've uploaded will be added to the Collection automatically.


After creating a Prefilled Collection, its functionality mirrors that of a standard Collection. Objects must be added or removed manually, and once the collection is populated, the tag will no longer be linked to the Collection.

Please note: This feature is available exclusively for Premium Creators.

Create new Prefilled Collection >

Learn how to set up standard Collections here >