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Setting up your Tribe - Basics

The basics tab of the Tribes edit page allows you to display important information on your Tribes page.

To learn about setting up the basics of your Tribe, you can watch this short video or read the article below.


 Tribes Edit Page

When you first arrive on the Tribes Edit Page, you will notice four tabs at the top; Basics, Tiers, Rewards and Posts. Using these four sections, you can create everything you need to create a thriving Tribe.You will also notice a big “Go Live!” button at the top of the Tribes Edit Page.

This is the button you will use to launch your Tribe, so do not press it until you have finished building your Tribe and your Creator Relations Contact has reviewed your Tribe and approved you to go Live.

At any point during your progress, you can use the “My Public Profile” from the drop-down menu to see how your Tribe will appear to customers. It is a good idea to regularly refer to this when you make changes.


Setting up your Tribes Basics

This is where you will construct your Tribe page. You can add images, videos and text to bring your Tribe to life.

At the bottom of the page, you can find the “Save Changes” button. Use this at regular intervals to save your progress so you don’t lose any hard work.

Default Landing Page:

The first feature you will see is a selection for which page you would like to be your default for customers visiting your page; Tribe or Store.


In the About Tribe section, you should write about your Tribe, what sort of content you will be producing and any other core information. This is the first section potential Tribers will read so it is important to be clear in what you are offering.

Media Cover:

Media Cover is where you will upload your thumbnail image and video. These will appear to the left of your “About Tribe” section, and a video will take priority over an image.

Image & video example:

The Media Cover will also be your Thumbnail on the Tribes Discovery Page. If no Media Cover is uploaded, you will receive a Default Image, so it is very important to have a Media Cover.

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