Story writing: best practices

There are very few rules when it comes to writing your Story. As long as you’ve got something that you’re passionate about… That’s a great start!


Popular categories* on MyMiniFactory include:

  • By Creators
  • Community Articles
  • Tutorials
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Lore
  • Meet the Creator
  • Tabletop
  • Collaborations
  • By Makers

Don’t feel like your content needs to fit into any of these categories, these are just suggestions. Think outside the box! 

*Please note: Authors cannot add categories themselves, these will be selected by the MyMiniFactory Team once the Story has been approved for the Stories Feed.

How to increase engagement

There are many ways you gain increase comments, likes, follows, and conversions. These include:

  • Using imagery, YouTube links, or MyMiniFactory objects to your Story to complement the content
  • Create an eye-catching banner (dimensions: 1238px * 506px), including a catchy title, artwork, and your branding
  • Ask questions to encourage comments and engagement
  • Don’t limit your visibility to the Stories feed – share it in your own community channels; Tribes and Discord, for example. 
  • Make the content of the Story engaging; make it personal to give your readers a chance to get to know the talent behind the brand. Share the creation process, lore, maps, world building, sculpting, painting, printing (the list goes on…)

Commercial Content

Since MyMiniFactory Stories isn’t an advertising board, we reserve this space for Stories that are engaging content for the community, such as Tutorials, Lore, deep dives into upcoming projects, or personal stories about Creators’ 3D printing journeys.

This means Stories that are only written for a commercial purpose are unlikely to be approved for the Stories feed however they will appear on your profile. We also request that you do not use the name of external sites, such as “Kickstarter” or “Patreon” in the title. 

Stories that aren’t accepted for the Stories feed (See the Stories Approval Process section) are likely to be:

  • One paragraph long
  • Advertisements for projects on external websites
  • One sentence biographies
  • Short Kickstarter promotions
  • Short FronTier updates - If you would like to share a quick update on your FronTier, consider posting directly to your FronTiers page using the FronTier Updates Tool

Please note: if you want to write a commercial Story advertising your latest projects, please feel free to do so; just note that it will only be visible on the “Stories” tab of your profile; it will not be approved for the Stories Feed.