What is Shop3D's Gallery and how to use it.

The Gallery is part of the Shop3D+ subscription. You can find out more about signing up here.

The Gallery is a new addition that allows creators to showcase their painting projects, creations and other designs alongside their products on Only-Games and Trajann. With the Gallery, creators can upload a collection of images, providing customers with a glimpse into the details, intricacies, and overall aesthetic of their creations.

Whether you're offering intricate tabletop miniatures, stunning homeware designs, or bespoke fashion pieces, the Gallery empowers you to present your products in the best light possible. Post anything from close-up shots highlighting fine details to showcases of your products in use, the Gallery offers a platform to tell your brand story visually, engaging your audience, and building anticipation for upcoming releases.

Unsure about what to post in the Gallery? Contact your Creator Relations rep, or email us at creator-relations@myminifactory.com

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