How to set up User Groups

User Groups are a tool available for you to distribute files and rewards and send updates to the community.

User Groups are for Creators to share Objects with a select group of users. Creators have the freedom to share what they like with the community. However, it is important that you always use them with caution to ensure the intended Objects are shared with the intended users.

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User Groups is the tool built for you to share Objects and send messages to the community. They can be used to instantly distribute files to select groups, such as patrons or backers.

This guide will provide you with an understanding of User Groups before you start using the tool.


Step 1 – Create a User Group

To create a User Group, you first need to navigate to Settings using the drop-down menu from your avatar in the top right corner on MyMiniFactory.

Once in Settings, click on User Groups. To create a new User Group, simply click “Create New”.

You will see a Pop-Up to create the User Group, enter a name and click “Create”. The new User Group popup will then appear:

You can use the Pencil symbol in the top right corner to change the name of your User Group at any time.

Next, let’s go through each section in more detail.


Groups are split into two types; Main Group and Sub Groups, it is imperative that you understand the relationship between them to use User Groups correctly.

Main Group:

The Main Group is the surface User Group, it is where you arrive when you create a new User Group or open a User Group:

Any Objects shared in the Main Group will be shared with every User in the whole User Group. This includes any Users in Sub Groups.

Any Users you add to the Main Group will gain access to every Object in the whole User Group. This includes any Objects in Sub Groups.

Sub Groups:

Sub Groups are created by clicking “Create New Group”. Write a name and press create:

Here you can see 2 Sub Groups, called Sub Group 1 and 2:

Clicking on a specific Sub Group will present you with this:

“Back to Parent Settings” will take you back to the Main Group. In Sub Groups you can add Objects and Users.

Any Objects shared in a Sub Group will only be shared to the Users in that Sub Group and Users in the Main Group.

Any Users in the Sub Group will gain access to only the Objects Shared in that Sub Group.

Any Users you add to the Main Group will gain access to every Object in the whole User Group. This includes any Objects in Sub Groups.

To share an Object in a Main or Sub Group, click the “Share Objects” button.

This will open the Object Picker for you to select which Objects to share:

Simply check the box next to the Object you wish to share and click accept.

Your Objects will then appear like this:

You can unshare the Object by clicking the Bin symbol and then clicking unshare on the pop-up:


You can add Users by clicking the “Add Users” button.

This will open the User Import pop-up:

You can import lists of either Usernames or Emails. Paste them into the relevant boxes and press accept to add the Users.

Here is an example email list with an invalid email:

  3. Guide-email-that-isn’t-an-email

Let’s put them into a User Group:

When you select Accept, the User Import shares the Total processed emails, total inserted (how many that were added), how many were already added, and any failed insertions. It will also remove any duplicates:

This means that only 1 of 3 in the example are actually added because 2 is a duplicate and 3 is not in the correct email format, so failed.

Once you have added the emails, the Users will appear in the User Group like this:


You can send notifications to Users to redeem their files or notify them of updates by checking the box next to their name and then clicking “Send Notification To Checked”. This will give you the option to choose to send a redeem link or an update:


Once you click this, every User checked will receive an email to redeem their files or check for updates.

It is important to note that file distribution is instant and does not require the User to redeem (if they are already registered with MyMiniFactory). If you have shared Objects and added Users, then those objects will be available for download in the Users Library, the redeem link is simply a formality to encourage them to view their new Objects.

Congratulations on setting up a User Group! You can now share files with ease with all your customers, subscribers or anyone.


User Group Unsubscribe

Users are able to unsubscribe from your User Group notifications, you can track this in the admin page for any User Group.

  1. Total number of users in the group unsubscribed from notifications.
  2. Greyed out users, who have unsubscribed from Notifications. Their name and username is anonymized.
  3. The date a user unsubscribed from your notifications.

This prevents Makers in a User Group from receiving unwanted notifications and provides important feedback as to how your messages are received.

Monitoring user unsubscribes allows you to assess the impact of your communications on the community. It's crucial to keep track of list maintenance to ensure you're not overwhelming your audience.