Loyalty Importer FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Loyalty Importer.

I have never used User Groups to distribute rewards to my subscribers on Patreon before and I'm unsure of how to do it. Where can I learn more about User Groups?

For guides on how to set up User Groups, click here. For further assistance, you can reach out to your Creator Relations Rep or creator-relations@myminifactory.com. and explain the assistance you need to set up these User Groups.

When is the best time of the month to use the Loyalty Importer?

You may prepare and setup your Loyalty Importer database whenever suits your schedule, however, it is recommended to finalize the setup and select "Validate and Notify" mid-month to allow your subscribers time to carry their loyalty points before the monthly cycle.

It is not advised to use the Loyalty Importer on the first or last day of the month.


Can I use free Tribes Trials with the Loyalty Importer?

To avoid your subscribers being charged twice, both on Tribes and their current subscription, we encourage you to set up a free Tribes Trial.

Please note that free Trial features can only be enabled in a User Group on the same month in which it was created so a new User Group may need to be created to fulfil this step.

To learn more about the Tribe Trials, please read here.


Do I need to create new User Groups to use the Subscriber Importer?

No, if you have previously used User Groups to distribute monthly rewards to external subscribers, such as patrons, you can reuse those Groups for the Loyalty Importer.

Please note: User Groups must be up-to-date before you distribute loyalty Rewards


Do the invitations sent via the Loyalty Importer expire?

If a Triber has their Loyalty points transferred and attempts to redeem their Reward outside of their eligibility period, such as consecutive months of subscription, the invitation will expire.

Caution: Deleting Loyalty Rewards and removing User Groups from the Loyalty Importer after sending out notifications will also cause invitations to expire.

If a subscriber is eligible for Loyalty Reward access but are not an active Triber, they can sign up for the Tribe Tier that you originally assigned via the Loyalty Importer to redeem the reward at any time.


Do the Loyalty Rewards sent via the Loyalty Importer expire?

If a subscriber has already unlocked a Loyalty Reward, the rewards will remain in their Library and Rewards Dashboard. Loyalty Rewards do not expire.


Can I use User Group parent groups and subgroups?

You can only choose and add one User Group at a time. If a parent group contains multiple subgroups, you can only choose one subgroup at a time. If a User Group contains subgroups, you may only select the subgroups.

Are there any risks when using the Loyalty Importer?

User Groups and the Loyalty Importer are advanced features that we advise asking your Creator Relations Rep both before you get started and to review your User Group and Loyalty Importer setup before proceeding with the "Validate and Notify" step.


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