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Setting up your Late Pledge on Only-Games or Trajann

You can now set up a Late Pledge on Only-Games or Trajann to offer your Campaign in physical bundles!

For this process, we will create the Late Pledge for you, but we need your help to get it set up.

Firstly, you must upload all of the products from your campaign to Shop3D. 

Please upload them in packs that customers can purchase for retail price rather than one big product with a large price to give them more options and increase the likelihood of a sale.

You can do this by following this guide for uploading 3D products: https://creator.myminifactory.com/uploading-products-to-shop3d

If you have the STLs uploaded to MyMiniFactory already, you can import them into Shop3D by following these steps: https://creator.myminifactory.com/importing-your-myminifactory-objects-into-shop3d

For uploading these Pre-Coloured or 2D products, please view the guides in the Setting Up - Advanced section.

After you have uploaded your products, let your Creator Relations Rep know. At this stage, you should also send them:

  1. Campaign Title

  2. Campaign Description

  3. Main Image

  4. Campaign URL

Once your Creator Relations Rep receives these 4 things and all of your products are uploaded, they will create the Late Pledge for you. Please allow 2-3 business days for this to be set up and they will let you know once it is live.

You can see other Late Pledges here: https://only-games.co/pages/late-pledges

If you want to start a Late Pledge, reach out to your Creator Relations Rep or email us at creator-relations@myminifactory.com if you have any questions.