Trajann FAQs

The most frequently asked questions about Trajann.

Is it free?

Trajann requires access to a Shop3D+ paid subscription, which also grants you multiple premium features.

Find out more about Shop3D+ here.

What is Shop3D+?

Shop3D+ allows you to gain access to the following features for £25/month:

  • Feature products for your store page.
  • Custom packaging for your products.
  • Bundle digital add-ons such as PDF files with your products.
  • Become eligible for up to 35 GBP of free products per month to send to influencers. Ask your Creator Relations Rep for more information.
  • Access to new features as we develop them at no additional cost.

What resin do you use?

The premium resin we use is custom-made and cannot be brought off the shelf. It is slightly elastic for improved resistance.

What metal options do you have? (i.e. jewellery)

We currently print in Stainless Steel, Bronze, Coppel, Silver, Gold, and Brass on various different media. 

Is there a print size restriction?

We use large print beds, however, the recommended size of a part is to be a maximum of 15 cm for resin prints and 25 cm for FDM prints. 

Do you print in FDM?

We currently print in FDM with either Black, White, Metallic, Natural Transparent and various other colours PLA Filament.

What margin should we be looking for?

As a Creator, you should be looking for a 50% margin for products that cost up to £13. Above £13, your percentage margin should be less as your revenue margin is increasing.

Do we allow multi-currency?

Yes, we offer 13 different currencies.

What is Shop3D Storage?

  • We can store stock for your non-printed products, and handle stock management and shipping on your behalf.
  • We can store custom packaging for your products (Both printed, and non-printed).
  • This feature is available from £150/month. Find out more here

What is the Commission Structure?

  • Shop3D cost = Manufacturing cost
  • Platform price = Retail price on Trajann Platform profit = Creator profit

You as the Creator earn the Creator Profit which is calculated by Retail Price - (Manufacturing Cost + 10% of Retail Price)

As an example:

You have a Product that has sold for £10 with a manufacturing cost of £2*

£10 -  £3 (£2 Manufacturing Cost) + (£1 [10% Commission from the sale price]) 

= £7 in Earnings.

*Please note that the manufacturing cost of your product will depend on the volume of resin/PLA used and the area of the bounding box.

I'm having issues regarding shipping, what can I do?

If the package does not turn up to your customer and it is due to issues regarding their billing address or anything related to them, they will have to repay the shipping fee and place another order. However, if the problem is from our end, or if any other unexpected issues take place, such as packages getting lost, we will provide them with either a full refund (order price + shipping) or a reprint of their product.

How can I close my store?
If you wish to close your Only-Games store, please contact your Creator Relations Rep or send an email to