What file format can I upload?

What format can I upload? Do I have to upload STL? Can I upload files that are not STL?

In addition to STL and Obj files, you can upload the following formats:

zip, rar, x3g, gcode, stl, scad, fbx, 3dc, 3ds, ac, asc, bvh, blend, geo, dae, dwf, dw, x, fbx, gra, mu, kmz, lwo, lwz, flt, iv, osg, osgt, osgb, ive, ply, shp, vpk, wrl, wrz, dxf, pdf, sdf, mtl, 3mf, jpeg, step, skp, zip, thing, zup, amf, fcstd, f3d, bmp, glb, gltf, jpg, png, chitubox, lyt, lys

Please note, you are able to any other file that this, as long as it is in a ZIP or RAR.